Hi, I'm Jake

I love designing and building things for the people that need them most. I’m a problem solver, design thinker, and technologist.

I am currently a product manager at Careology, a digital health startup that aims to create more up days for everyone living and dealing with cancer. Previously, I was a US-UK Fulbright Scholar at University College London studying technology entrepreneurship.

I've worked as a Technical Product Manager at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories for over 2 years, where I helped create new software and hardware healthcare technology products for people with physical disabilities from early concepts to real-world implementation.

I'm excited by digital health, product management, and building the future. My ultimate goal is to promote the global shift in health technology from intimidating and expensive to empowering and affordable.


I’ve spent the last four years building products that solve real problems and impact people’s health. As a Technical Product Manager at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories, I worked with a cross-functional team of software engineers, electronics engineers, designers, and rehabilitation professionals to understand user needs and build evidence-based, scalable products to meet those needs.

Most recently, I came to the United Kingdom as a US-UK Fulbright Scholar at University College London (UCL) School of Management to study entrepreneurship. My focus was on digital health technologies and their applications to help older adults and people with disabilities live longer, more independent lives.

While in university, I also worked on a startup called Posture Protect with the mission to help people with Parkinson’s disease better manage their posture and gait.

At the University of Pittsburgh, I studied bioengineering along with minors in innovation, product design, entrepreneurship, and chemistry.


In my downtime, I like to read and take photos. I also enjoy cycling and walking with friends through all of London's parks.